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      Gates of Midnight Issue 2 Standard Cover ©Kymera Press All art by Mirana Reveier Medieval Cat Series - #2 Archer Color Sample - Lineart ©mirana Environment - Jungle Ruins Environment - Desert Ruins Gears of War Hell
     Pencil & Ink Sample - Lineart ©mirana Gladiatrix ©mirana ©mirana ©mirana ©mirana

• Last day for the Kymera Press Kickstarter! I've added samples of the interior pages colored by me, as well as the three covers drawn, inked and colored by me. You can find them all in the seqa section!

• I will be showing art and prints at this year's Dragon*Con Art Show Aug 29th - Sept 1st in Atlanta, GA! I will debuting a new series (or two) this year. I hope I will see you there!

• I have had the pleasure of working with comic book publisher Kymera Press on their first title, "Gates of Midnight." Started by a television script writer, and an agent for writers in film and TV, Kymera Press is setting out to be a comic book company that employs women to create comics for all fans. Their first title "Gates of Midnight" is about a supernatural thriller that pits Raven, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, against creatures from another world. I've been providing the art for all of the covers, as well as doing colorist duties on the interiors.

• If you would like to be a part of supporting such a spectacular company, and want to check out their first comic, please consider supporting and/or sharing their Kickstarter! The KS funds will see to printing, paying the creative team and printing for issues 5-8 of GoM, fund their next all-lady titles, and maybe even give them a shot at starting an all-woman comic convention!

• We need more comic books that speak to female comic creatives and fans better, and I think these lovely ladies just might be the ones to prove that fans are interested in strong female protags and a different PoV!

• Thanks for taking a look! :)

• There are three new watercolors up in the illustration section, and if you like them as much as the crowd at this year's Dragon*Con did, then you can pick up some prints of them as well in my shop! For a limited time I'm offering a pack of all three at a discount so you can have the whole collection! If cats in armor aren't your thing, I also have a selection of my other works, ready to hang on your wall.
• Just a reminder that if you follow my blog or twitter you'll get more art, works-in-progress, sketches, and instant access to all my updates! Right now there is even more silly cat goodness on the blog than here, so head on over!

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