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Swarm Con
    AA Table F01
    Apr 30th & May 1st
    Savannah, GA

• Illustration Expo
    May 6th
    SCAD Poetter Hall
    Savannah, GA

      Fireflies Hans Gruber Three Kitten Moon T-Shirt Design Jem & Pizzazz The Musketeers Magic Cat Series - #2 Sorceress
      Gates of Midnight Issue 3 Cover ©Kymera Press All art by Mirana Reveier Gates of Midnight Issue 2 Cover ©Kymera Press All art by Mirana Reveier Gates of Midnight Issue 4 Cover ©Kymera Press All art by Mirana Reveier Gates of Midnight Issue 1 Cover ©Kymera Press All art by Mirana Reveier Color Sample - Lineart ©mirana ©mirana

• New art "Fireflies" up in Illustrations. While I was working on it I posted behind-the-scenes shots on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr so follow me on those if you like seeing things develop!
• I'll be contributing a comic to the comic anthology Dirty Diamonds in their seventh book, themed "Imagination"!! Look for that Kickstarter in June, with a book debut at SPX in Sept 2016!

| FEB·21·2016| EVENTS + ART
• New art of Hans Gruber up in Illustrations.
• See you guys at Swarm Con April 30th and May 1st in Savannah, GA!
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• I've done the four covers for Kymera Press' title "Gates of Midnight" and now they are all released! You can see the cover to Issue #3 and others above, and pick up the issues from Kymera Press and on Comixology!

• This week on Humble Bundle is CATS themed! You can get 7 awesome cat games PLUS if you donate $25 or more you will get a T-shirt THAT I DESIGNED! :D You can check out the design & more above. This is the first tee I’ve ever designed and had produced, and it’s for an awesome, worthy cause, so I’m really excited! The Humble Bundle this week supports World Land Trust and The Able Gamers.

| APR·26·2015| NEW ART
• New fanart showing my love for Jem and the Holograms! 

artwork & design © MIRANA REVEIER