The wired isn't so lonely...

"RL" friends sites...

"D-Ro" at - My friend Dennis's artwork gallery

My buddy Erik's site

Internet friends...

Kat (@ Dragonfare) - I owe this lady many many thanks, because it was due to her kindness and friendship that I finally got the chance to dig my way out of freeserver hell! This place would never be, without her, and she is a wonderful person for this and SO many other reasons!

Destination*Sher - One of the sweetest people I've had the joy of meeting on the 'net! Be sure to check out Sher's sites, if for no other reason than to see her awesome layouts...O_O Though there are a TON of other reasons - go meet her and you will see!

Scar-Crossed Wanderer - Scar-Crossed Wanderer - A Rurouni Kenshin screencap and scan gallery made by the talented Zora, a great person whom I truly hope to have the chance to get to know better!

The Captain Gantu Shrine - A site made by my good friend Bluefox! She's a rabid Gantu fan, a very creative soul, and an all around fun person to be around, even if it is only via a virtual connection. Check out her little web corner!

Other 'Net friends...

Road 2 Nowhere 'Net home of the great GoblinQueeen! Visit here for her artwork, fanlistings, cosplay photos, just all around awesome stuff!

JessKat-Net Visit JessKat to see some amazing artwork and an unbelieveable love for Timon and Fantasia's Spring Sprite! (And see her other sites here!)

Lady K's Den Lady K's Den - Powerpuff lovin at its finest. Dont look at me like that, its her site! (Seriously though, go take a look!)

Mikala's Pad ~ Mikala is a sweetie. She has done several awesome art trades with me, and is a very sunny person! Go say hi!

Auburn Red's Temple of Fanfiction and Favorites! Sounds like fun, 'eh? Take a look!

Bizarro's Domain
EEEE!! This place is so much fun!! And you have *GOT* to see the anime styled art here! Amazing!!

License to Steel - RoamingTigress's home for Steelbeak and lots of other things Darkwing Duck! A very fun place to peck around. Pun intended. ;)

Silver Empire - The Silver Empire, home of Bianca MarOu and her many varied and lovely characters, some great tutorials, and awesome fan art!

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