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My websites:

Lonely Planet: A Cyborg009 Fan Site   Steph's Icons/Avatars

Halloween Haven - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fuschia FANtastic - A little place for artwork of my original character, Myrcury

Perfect Just Like Corgan - A fan site for the Smashing Pumpkins. No longer being updated. WARNING! Angelfire site. Will inundate you with popups!)

WebMyrcury's Toybox - My old (old, old, old) personal site. Some cool things there still. (Same warning as above)

"Toysale" - my pretty much failed attempt at selling some artwork on the 'net. You can go there to see my animation boxes, though. (Another Angelfire site - Warning!)

AAAACK! MY SPINE!! - An Invader Zim/Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fansite. No longer being updated. Angelfire Warning.

Dennis's Masterpiece Mall - Site I created for my friend Dennis to show off his artwork. No longer updated. Angelfire.

MamaBear's Coca Cola Polar Bear Cave - Site I created for my mom, because she loves the polar bears. No longer updated. Angelfire.

Fanlistings I run:

Captain Gantu   The Spectromen
Where the Wild Things Are   Cyborg Soldier 009

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